Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we opt for Solar Energy instead of other renewable energy options?

Availability of sunshine and area makes a preferred combination over the other renewable energies.

2. How cost effective is Solar Energy in comparison to other options?

With comparison to grid energy, it is roughly 35% cheaper and with comparison to other renewable energies in this category, Solar Energy is cheapest and clean technology.

3. What size of plant is adequate for me?

Visit our load calculator within the website.

4. If I buy a plant today and my requirement increases in the future, Can the infrastructure be upgraded?

Yes, it is upgradable.

5. What happens if technology changes and more efficient technology are available? How cost effective will it be to upgrade?

The technology being adopted presently is the most stable technology and all changes in future can increase the efficiency of the equipment and which will be partially upgradable if required.

6. Why should I opt for online remote monitoring system?

In advance technology world, you can access the energy data and major control parameters on PC and Mobile Phones.

7. How will I know that my plant is of the latest technology available in the world?

High standard components are being used manufactured by Tier I Companies like ABB, Schneider, SMA and High Efficiency Multi-Crystalline Modules.

8. What Happens to the extra generation of Energy?

Normally Solar Plant selected is 75% of Energy usage. But in case of excess energy being produced can be sold to State Electricity Boards under various schemes floated by the MNRE.

9. Will I be able to store the extra energy generated for use later on?

Yes. Batteries are used for this purpose.

10. What about Routine Maintenance? Will we need expert services for this?

Routine maintenance is extremely low and all the services are provided by us under one roof.

11. What if the efficiency claimed by you is not actually realized or the plant is not able to meet my energy Requirement?

Rated capacity of the plant is granted for specified power generation which is being described while making an offer.

12. Do you have a buy back policy?